Canadian Copyright Registration (mini-post today)

This one’s just a little guy, since I put up two yesterday.  I just got off the phone with the CIPO office, and a young lady confirmed that my first batch of photographs was in fact registered.  The difference is that, with the Canadian system, you only register the title of the collective work.  You don’t register the titles of the individual photographs, nor do you upload the images themselves.

While this is much more efficient than the US system, to both the registrant and the registrar, I already see how this could come back to bite me in the bum later on, should anything go awry over an individual image.  If you registered a collection titled “2013”, who’s to say what was and wasn’t included in that?  Maybe you weren’t going to initially include some of your outtakes, but later found one you liked and published it.  Could get dicey in the courts if you don’t title your works specifically enough.

Just a little food for thought…

3 thoughts on “Canadian Copyright Registration (mini-post today)

  1. Thanks for this. I think it’s totally relevant to all us bloggers who post their own intellectual property on their sites, especially those of visual nature.

    • I just hope people take me up on the idea and register their work. Not that I want more competition, mind you, but if I have to be looking over my shoulder anyway, I would rather it be for competition than for potential clients who turned into thieves. If we all get tough and start stepping on these copyright infringers with no mercy, hopefully it’ll send a strong message to others who are considering it.

      Most clients are good; they recognize that they’re in business, as am I. It’s those few that try to cut corners every chance they get that bother me.

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