I’m Mad As Hell… (a.k.a. Trials & Tribulations of Site Building)

Much like my beloved Hamilton Tiger-Cats after their deserved drubbing last night at the hands of the Saskatchewan Roughriders (37-0)*, I love my web hosting company (Photoshelter), but right now, I’m pissed off at them.  They introduced a nice, new format that I love…except, that for now, my site can only connect with wordpress.ORG, not .COM.  So I can’t connect my Kyle Edwards Photography site to my blog here anymore.  The format I was with before (same host) could connect with .com just fine – what, is .com archaic code now?  Is .com going the way of Super Mario Bros 1 (which I still love, by the way)?  I’ll grant you, that’s not a fair comparison, since I still have my original Nintendo at home, and SMB1 works just fine, even connected to my big screen TV, but you get the point.

Plus, to make it even better, even after the whole SEO grader on the original format screaming at me, telling me “get a blog!  Add custom pages!”, what does it do on the new format?  It doesn’t allow me to create custom pages.  So I can’t even post on a news page that my blog is still alive.  To make it better, their SEO grader doesn’t even work with the new format!  Are these people smoking crack??

Since they just introduced the new format, I’m going to give them a little time, but for the record, I’m a tad grumpy at Photoshelter, at the moment…just in case I was being too subtle.

*I’m sorry, but the Cats did deserve to lose.  The offense didn’t show up at all.  They left the defense on the field for the whole bloody game; is it any wonder they were getting tired in the second half?  They’d already spent the full first half on the field!  Coach Austin, for heaven’s sake, bench Burris already!  Give the backup more than the final 5 minutes of game time – he couldn’t have done any worse.

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