I hate vignetting.  It’s a righteous pain.  And now, I have to deal with quite a bit of it.  Even the vaunted Photoshop can only fix so much.  …let me back up and explain.

This past weekend, I did a car show shoot marathon.  I took Friday and Monday off work.  Friday was for a shoot, Monday was for recovery, and both were wise ideas.  The Friday show was called the GM PowerTrain show, was hosted at the local GM plant, and allowed anything that had a GM powertrain in it.  There was even a Model A Ford with a Chevy motor there.

I brought two lenses – my Tamron 24-70 f2.8 and my Canon 70-200 f2.8.  Due to the space available to shoot (the cars were packed pretty tightly), I found I used the Tamron 90+% of the time.  Since Saturday had two car shows lined up, I ran down to my local camera store and asked him if he had any circular polarizers for an 82mm lens.  He only had one brand, but it fit, so I got it, and it only cost me $65.  Kind of a break from the B+W’s I usually get.

Well, here’s where the trouble began.  I couldn’t see anything on the LCD (and yes, I use the viewfinder, not live view, but I do review from time to time), but when I got back home after a very long day of shooting, I discovered these cute little corners on almost all of my shots!


1970 Mustang Boss 302


1968 Mustang Bullitt Replica

All images, vignetting and all, are © Kyle Edwards 2013.  All Rights Reserved.


As I later read, this is apparently a known problem between “normal” c-pol filters and wide lenses.  In order to overcome this, you need a special, thin c-pol filter.

So if anyone is buying a circular polarizing filter for a wide angle lens, please be aware – conventional circular polarizing filters will cause vignetting.  Make sure to check with your camera store to ensure that it is compatible with wide-angle lenses first!!



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