Going The Distance

Okay, this one isn’t going to have any tips or tricks that I’ve learned.  This is just me talking, here.  If you learn anything from it, I sincerely apologize!

..but there are lots of pics to make up for it.


Most of us aren’t full time, professional photographers.  The standing joke is that the difference between a photographer and a large pizza is that a large pizza can feed a family of four.  So, the overwhelming majority of us have, regrettably, day jobs.  As much as we’d love to spend our lives being paid to photograph beautiful people all day, every day, there are sadly more people willing to do this difficult task than there are people wanting it done, so we all keep our day jobs, make a buck or two on the side, and rest uneasy, surrounded by our friends, knowing that they realize they’ll cash in on our works, which will only be worth big bucks after we’ve overdosed or otherwise passed before our time.

Tell me I’m wrong!

Unfortunately, the dreaded day job, apart from limiting our sleeping time, also limits our shooting & editing time.  I’m not an expert with Photoshop yet, so admittedly, it still does take me more than five minutes per image to retouch them.  That’s not so bad with one shoot.  However, a week ago, I had a shoot with a neighbour’s daughter.  The weekend before, I was in New York doing some street shooting.  The weekend before that, I did a shoot just north of Toronto with a model named Selena Marie.

[Note: if you ever get the chance to work with Selena, take it!  If you don’t get a chance, make one.  Take some vacation time, quit your job, whatever it takes.  She’s a fantastic model and she’s incredibly fun to work with!  I figure the only reason she isn’t signed right now is because the agencies are planning a WWF (well, WWE now – showing my age, here) Battle Royal, 20-man brawl to see who gets to sign her.]

All three shoots produced some great shots, but there were obviously a lot of images to go through.  Because of the distance I live from work, I generally have about four hours a day that are not spent at work or in transit to/from work.  However, this four hours includes waking up, breakfast/dinner, shower, and anything else that needs to be done that day, so it’s probably a good thing I don’t have much of a social life right now, at least, not through the week!

My point is, if you’re stuck in the same type of situation (and you probably are), try not to go all-out.  Pace yourself a little!  I’m the kind of person who will find out how deep the water is by diving in, head first.  It’s just my personality, but it really does get exhausting at times!  As an example, my very first solo-organized shoot was with a model and a ’66 Mustang (which I used again with Selena).  Who in their right mind uses a 1966 Mustang as their first prop??  Then again, who said I was in my right mind? 😉

In chronological order, here are a few of the pictures.  More are available on my site at Kyle Edwards Photography.

Twin Mustangs


New York City


Young Biker

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