Photographing a Photographer

Well, this week has been interesting.  Apart from a loss in the family (rest in peace, grampa) which I’m sure you didn’t come here to read about, I have had two changes in photography.  Minor changes in the scheme of things, but shocks the first time they happen, to say the least.

The first shock, is giving out my raw files.  Yes, some of my beloved raw files are out there in the world, and not safely stored offline here at home.  I had three images that I really, really wanted done right, and for various reasons, I just couldn’t edit up properly myself, so I went to a professional – a retoucher.

Due to her schedule, she can’t get to them until Monday, so I’m not going to name any names or say yay or nay, but I’m one of those guys who believes that, while I should constantly strive to improve my work, I should also know when a situation has me beat.  If I think it’s worth contracting out to someone who can do the job justice, I have no problem doing it.  After all, anyone can take a picture, but we still get called in for shoots, because we know more about photography than most.  Same thing applies, here.

The other thing, that is going down tomorrow, is that I’m photographing a photographer.  More specifically, I’m photographing the photographer who helped me get started.  He wants some pictures of him and his wife (a model), and wants me to take them.  On the one hand, I don’t have to scout location, plan out timing, position, or anything like that, so that’s good.  On the other hand, I expect that I’ll have a second chef in the kitchen during the shoot.  His style and mine are vastly different, so I will have to try to work more towards his style

  • I don’t have to scout locations!  (That’s good!)
  • I know he’ll be looking over my shoulder, every chance he gets.  (That’s bad.)
  • He can do all of his own editing and retouching.  (That’s good!)
  • His style is vastly different from mine, and since it’s for him, I should probably try to adjust to him.  (That’s bad.)
  • His wife is a model, so she knows all about posing in front of a camera. (That’s good!)
  • He doesn’t model, so he doesn’t have any experience posing. (That’s bad.)
  • I’m not the one in charge, so I don’t have to arrange anything on this shoot.  All I have to do is charge my camera, clean my lenses, format my cards and show up.  (That’s good!)
  • But the toppings contain potassium benzoate.  (…Can I go now?)

This is like going to Teacher’s College and finding out that your classroom placement is with your old Grade 1 teacher.  Tomorrow oughta be interesting.  Wish me luck!

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