Woo! Toys! :)

I told you I’m not normal.  If I was, I’d be posting every few days, like most other bloggers do.  But why would I post about minor things?  Do you really want to read about me doing another street shoot at zero-dark-thirty while dodging cabbies in a dark city street (the shot didn’t turn out – I need to return with my T2i & EF-S 250 lens for a closer cropping), spending half an hour setting up the lighting for a selfie for my Facebook cover photo when most people do selfies in 3 seconds (photography FB page to come back soon), or taking some product shots?  Serious question.  If you do want me to talk about that stuff please, let me know and I will.  I just figured that most of you probably have enough of that in your own lives, that you don’t need or want to read about it here.  Besides, a few weeks ago, I was helping a guy move and re-aggravated an injury to the point that I thought I had re-broken my wrist, so I wasn’t doing much with a camera for a bit.

Mostly to do with the last point, to be honest.  When signing your initials hurts like hell, holding a 5D MkIII is bloody impossible.

Anyway, the wrist is back to its regular soreness, so I’m picking the camera up again and trying to get some of the pent-up shooting angst worked out.  However, that’s not the point of this post.  The point is, on Black Friday, I got meself a toy!  This toy!

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Professional Tablet

A Wacom Intuous Pro Medium Professional Tablet!  YAAAAAY!  So now, when I do my Photoshop retouching, I can do more finite touches by drawing around, rather than mousing it.  Though, in my purely immature manner, I still can’t say the brand name without thinking about Fozzy Bear saying “Wakka-wakka-wakka!”

I would say there’s a learning curve to it, but it’s more like a learning cliff – it’s kinda steep.  This thing not only reads pressure, but also reads motion above the tablet itself, so even if you’re just waving the pen above the tablet, it knows what you’re up to.  I guess it’s like anything else in photography – it takes a lot of practice.  I think I can swing that!

There’ll be more posts in the near future.  I just did a posing workshop, as I wanted to up my game, especially when it comes to less-experienced models, so I’m going to put one up about that later this week, and I got an email from the model that I did the Grease-style shoot with back in the summer.  Her sister is back from school and they still want to do a shoot with me, so we’ve nailed down a date for late this month.  Two more will either be late this month, or most likely, next month.  Christmas/New Year’s does tend to screw up schedules a little, but either way, I’ll keep you posted.

Plus, somewhere between the Wacom paragraph and the learning curve paragraph, I finally signed up for Twitter, so now I’ll have to get good at posting faster!  Feel free to hunt me down @KTEPhoto.

Take it easy, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…and if you do, take pictures!

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