No Response Is A Response…Or Not?

Most photographers know this old rule: when contacting a model about a shoot, no response is a response.  Unless, of course, you’re one of those stalker types, but for the purposes of this editorial (and most editorials, for that matter), stalkers don’t count.  Most models just don’t bother replying if the answer is “no”.  We accept it and move on.  That’s also why we usually look at a few models when we’re planning out a shoot.

I, like most every other photographer, have experienced this.  The first time, you might take it personally.  The second time, not nearly as much.  It gets pretty easy to handle, even for someone like me, who normally doesn’t handle things like that well (long story, not going into it).  It soon becomes an element of the shoot that you simply incorporate into the planning stage, and nothing more.

Over the summer of last year, I had this happen with two models that I wanted to work with, on different projects.  I contacted one through a forum that I’m on, and the other one in person (a friend of a friend).  Neither got back to me, so I said “okay, they’re not interested” and moved on.  C’est la vie.

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  This past week, BOTH of them got in touch with me, asking if I still wanted to do their respective shoots.  Huh?  I know I’m a guy and get confused easily, but what the heck just happened?  Twice?  In a 24 hour period?  After six months??  I tell ya, I was waiting for the world to turn black & white, Rod Serling to pop out of nowhere and start in with “Submitted for your approval…” [side note: Rod only used that line in 3 episodes: Cavender is Coming, In Praise of Pip, and A Kind of Stopwatch]!

Now, one of the shoots was done already, and since the other was simply a shoot of opportunity, it was abandoned.  However, not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth (as it were), my response to both was “um, yeah!  Let’s shoot!”  I wanted to shoot with them before, and that hasn’t changed.

…now I just have to figure out what the shoots are going to be!


Rod Serling from Twilight Zone

No, this is not my image. Rod died before I was born. – k

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